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Unread 25th March 2009, 04:10 AM
Vidiot Vidiot is offline
Join Date: May 2008
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DS Lite Bundle for sale! Comes with EVERYTHING

Yup I'm selling my awesome DS Lite package. I've decided to buy a PSP

Paypal is the only way I'll do this. I have no problem if you wanna do a paypal escrow since you probably wouldn't trust me . I'll sell this whole thing to you for only $215, counting shipping! I might go lower on the price if you want

Red and Black DS Lite with less than 20 hours use. It has the original box, charger cable, screen protectors, multiple styli, and a screen cleaning cloth.

Here are the list of games (all are the BEST titles!):

1 - Metroid Prime Hunters (with original case)
2 - Need for Speed Pro Street (with original case)
3 - MegaMan Starforce 2 Ninja (with original case)
4 - Custom Robo Arena (with original case)
5 - Starfox Command DS (with original case)
6 - Geometry Wars Galaxies (with original case)
7 - Retro Atari Game Collection (with original case)

Not only do I have all of those fantastic DS games, in 100% perfect condition, I also have these other great additions:

- Nintendo DS Lite Browser (with extra memory dslite slot for better browsing. Original case)
- Max Media Player (1gig. Plugs into GBA slot. Put movies and music on it!)

-Multiple DS Styluses
-Metroid Game Case (holds 6 games, picture of Samus on top, all black)
-Cloth DSLite Case
-Camo Magnetic DSLite game case
-Red/Black "mega case". Big, holds everything!

This DS is the Black and Red one. It's in perfect condition. It has less than 20 hours of use! The second I bought it, I put screen protectors on the top and bottom screens. They are still on. If I took off the screen protectors, you could easily pass this up as a brand new un-used DS! If you examined it under a microscope you wouldn't find one scratch on it!

The entire bundle would easily run you about $380 if you bought it all from a store. You can get it for only $215, and you won't even know the difference from the store or from me! let me know if you want pics. I don't feel like getting up and taking pics right now, and there isn't really much to show, but if you want pics let me know and I'll also put a sign in the pic showing it's really me :P

Last edited by Vidiot : 25th March 2009 at 10:25 AM.
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