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Unread 27th November 2010, 08:44 PM
VerumSeeker VerumSeeker is offline
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Looking for KVM switches that support dual link (2560X1600)

I am looking for unbiased exhaustively detailed comparative reviews of high end-(ish) KVM switches that will support dual link (2560 X 1600 resolution) and dual head (two monitors).
I know that KVM switches are not in wide use even among the tech savvy -- so I am having a hard time finding detailed reviews (including front and back images) and recommendations. Can you point me to a site that specializes in KVM reviews? My searches are producing mostly store-front sites.
I need the KVM video connections to be DVI-D (not VGA) [I think that DVI-I would also work as I believe that it is a superset of DVI-D]. Would prefer for the keyboard and monitor connection to be USB rather than PS/2. I would prefer a 3-port switch but can settle for 2 port (and obviously can use a 4-port but do not want to pay a ton of extra money for extra ports that would not be used). Also, the switch needs to support XP and Win7 (so am looking for USB DDM KVM Switches--see link below to paper on DDM switches). Would prefer a model that also switches audio but that is not a deal breaker.
I am currently using an Avocent SwitchViewDVI 2SVDVI10 which I believe is supposed to support dual-link but does not appear to actually support resolutions greater than 1600 X 1200. And I just got a Dell U3011 and want to move up to max resolution. My current switch also definitely does not support a dual monitor setup so it is time to upgrade. (It also does not seem to work correctly switching my Brother printer connected via USB but that is not as critical).

I did find an interesting white paper from Microsoft, but it does not investigate specific models of KVM switches (see ).
Can you help me? (Please do not recommend models that are 2-4 years old as nothing that old will have all that I am looking for--although feel free to comment on reliability/reputation of various KVM manufactures based on your experience with older models even if you are not an expert on current models).
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