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Unread 8th April 2011, 10:11 PM
Wing-01 Wing-01 is offline
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Different dimensions of the AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card

Hi Everyone,
This is not a problem but more of a discussion of something I have noticed while researching components.
The length of the ‘Radeon HD 6990’ Graphics Card.

It seams different manufacturers have different lengths for the same graphics card. I know it might sound brainless to bring it up, but it seems to be an important factor whilst building a Computer.

Please let me illustrate for you:

Say I want to buy a LIAN LI PC-X500FX, the maximum video card size you can fit into the case is 315mm as stated on the LIAN LI website (

Now a Gigabyte ‘Radeon HD 6990’ dimensions is 318 – 126 – 38mm stated in their website (, clearly the GPU will not fit into the case.

But a PowerColor ‘Radeon HD 6990 dimensions is 305 – 110 – 38mm as stated in their website ( Will fit with very little room to spare, only a few millimetres to spare but the GPU will fit.

Maybe I am crazy, but I do believe these are important factors to consider when thinking of building your computer and reviewers do not seem report on this, like say they review two or three 6990 cards from different brands and they do a comparison of the same card, could they not mention the different sizes of the card? This could effect you decision on buying a brand from the other because of your case, set up or many different factors.

I have done an online search and have come up short with an answer, also why are they shorter or longer would that make a difference and if not why are they different in dimensions? After all AMD gives them the template to work with. Right?

This is not a rant I would just like to know what people think and if I am missing something.

Below I have put a few brands’ dimensions for the AMD 6990 GPU

Gigabyte = 318 – 126 – 38mm
MSI = 310 – 115 – 40mm
PowerColor = 305 – 110 – 38mm
Diamond =304.8– 101.6 – 40.64mm

Lian Li maximum video card size – 315mm
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Unread 8th April 2011, 10:15 PM
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I find it interesting that so many of these manufacturer's have listed different dimensions when the card is identical between them all. Every single 6990 that uses the reference design is identical, except for the label.
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