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Unread 17th September 2010, 07:32 PM
jinx5000 jinx5000 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 2
FS: Gaming rig i5-750 XFX 5850

Unfortunately I have to part ways with my newly built Custom Gaming PC because Grad School debt is not as easy to pay off as i thought.

I built this rig back in march of 2010 with all parts purchased through NewEgg or at MicroCenter.
I currently play games such as SC2, WoW, CoD4, BFBC2, DaO on ultimate settings at 1080 with no problems whatsoever.

I still have all extra parts not in use such as Mobo remote for east OC, Case peripheral for tweaking cooling, bays, or drives. also have all accessories for the PSU as well as GPU for easy XF setup in the future.

1. Mobo. Asus P7P55d deluxe; can preset up to 3 OC speeds for quick switches for different uses, supports XF GPU
2. Processor. Intel i5-750 runs fast, cool, and very easy to OC
3. RAM. 2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1333
4. HDD. 500GB WD Caviar Black 7200RPM
5. GPU. XFX 5850 w/ 1G DDR5 VRAM - comes with double lifetime warranty and XF connection. runs cool quiet, and very fast
6. PSU. Corsair TX 750; enough power to supply 2 GPU's without a hickup
7. Case. Antec Nine Hundred Two; includes 3x120mm fans (1 rear, 2 front), 1x200mm top fan, and can add one side fan and an internal HDD fan as well, comes with all remaining accessories for any adjustments. each fan has an individual controller and blue led lights which can be controlled as well
8. Drive. Samsung DVD-RW 22x

This build also includes 3.5 more years on a 4 year parts and labor warranty through MicroCenter

Asking Price is $1200

Also selling a 24" Samsung SyncMaster LCD screen for $200
and a 20" Dell LCD screen w/ additional USB ports for $110
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Unread 19th September 2010, 11:26 PM
Olle P Olle P is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Sweden
Posts: 455
I think your asking price is too high.
As of right now Newegg is asking $1,030 for that hardware (plus taxes, shipping and potential extended warranty).

My rule of thumb for used computer hardware is half of the current price for a new same part (or similar performance, if cheaper), which would get you close to $550.
That should be upped a bit thanks to the remaining warranties, and then some depending on your sales tax level, and perhaps even more if you add an OS license to the deal.
But still definitely below $1,000.

The monitors should also be lowered a bit, how much depends on exact models.

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Unread 20th September 2010, 08:55 AM
jinx5000 jinx5000 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 2
thanks for your input, but i actually looked up the exact items i have in the machine on newegg and the total comes to 1306 + 97 tax putting the total at 1414

include the remaining warranty as well as labor and knowledge to build the machine and the price gets even higher...

i think 1200 is a hopeful price but it's just a stating point, i'm always willing to negotiate.

here are the links to the products in the machine.









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