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Unread 6th November 2009, 01:10 PM
cannonizer cannonizer is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 2
Micro / Mini projectors for Laptop / Computer?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if there are any benchmark tests on the new micro / mini projectors on the market. I'm looking for a comparison on the AAXA P2 projector and any other pico projectors that are at least 20 lumens. I found a comparison of the AAXA P2 projector versus the 3M projector but that is all I can find:

I don't want to spend $349 on a micro / mini projector. I know the AAXA one is one of the brightest right now (33 lumens) but is there anything that is just as good and less expensive?

Below are the specs to the AAXA P2 projector. I've looked at the 3M, Optoma, and Aiptek but none of them seem to be bright enough. I am also interested in the Dell mini projector but that one does not have a battery.

Please let me know if there are any other alternatives.

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Unread 9th November 2009, 03:20 AM
Olle P Olle P is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Sweden
Posts: 455
What are your minimum requirements?
- Price.
- Resolution.
- Size.
- Weight.
- Brightness.
- Power source.
- Other?

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Unread 4th December 2009, 03:32 PM
cannonizer cannonizer is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 2
Hello not a lot of responses - so I guess I"ll tell my story. After a long journey I have settled on the AAXA P2 projector. I managed to get it for $315 with coupon so it ended up being the best fit for me!

I ordered the Optoma PK101 first for $230. BIG mistake. The projector arrived, nice packaging, very small and light, ran very quiet, but the brightness was terrible and since it had no video player I couldn't even view my black berry storms video as I found out my cell phone had no video output. Also the resolution is very low - only 480x320. I ended up returning it.

The AAXA p2 on the other hand is about 2x larger, runs very loud but it has higher resolution 800x600 and 33 lumens which is just about bright enough for me and a great relief after trying to use the Optoma PK101. The extra brightness and resolution is very good since I am connecting to my laptop mostly. If anyone is interested I'll post up some pictures later.

Here's a link to the AAXA website - keep in mind the battery pack is pretty big so it's a lot thicker than the Optoma projector.

You can find the AAXA projector here. The coupon code I found on fatwallet, it saves you $40 is P1owner43981. I have no idea if it still works.

There's also some deals on the 3M Mpro now for $150, but I hear that it is really less than 10 lumens so it probably is not bright enough for most people.
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Unread 31st August 2010, 01:34 AM
JudyKayTee JudyKayTee is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 1
How do I connect The Atom to my computer?

you said"at least 20 lumens"
Yeah,this ultra mini projector is 50 Lumens !and what's more,the Atom is surprisingly light, tiny and compact. That's because this tiny projector is constructed from heavy gauge extruded aluminum for strength. You could take the ultra mini projector anywhere and it will give you the incredible effects. The Atom is the future of wall projection in a small package.
How do I connect The Atom to my computer?
Check the video adapter of your PC for an RCA Connector marked "TV Out". Connect the yellow wire of the projector to that socket. If you don't see an image at first, check your Video Adapter software to see where the adapter outputs the video signal by default. If it's the VGA port, the software should offer you the option to switch this to the TV Out port. Alternatively, you can find a "VGA to Composite Video" adapter.Specifications:
  • Specifications:
  • - Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
  • - Display Mode:4:3
  • - Brightness: 50 Lumens
  • - Radiant Exitance: 10
  • - Lamp source: High power LED
  • - Lamp life: 20,000+ hours
  • - Contrast ratio: 200:1
  • - Focus: manual
  • - Built-in speakers: YES
  • - Interface: AV (Composite)
  • Parts:
  • - Power indicator
  • - ON/OFF
  • - Volume dial
  • - AV IN
  • - Power IN
  • - Ventilation grill (left and right)
  • - Projector lens
  • - Speaker
  • - Tripod jack
  • - Air intake
  • Power Adapter: 100V to 240V
  • Certification: FCC, CE
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