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Unread 31st March 2010, 03:45 AM
Batou Batou is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 7
Corsair H50 + SUGO - SFF build - thanks BmR

I'll copy/paste here the work on my new rig, since BmR helped me with its cool reviews, as the post says at the end

I'm sorry about images, unfortunately i cannot post more than 5, so if you like to see them you can go to the original post here :

Or simply to my Photo album here :


Hey guys, it's a long time i'm working on my new rig, so i'll post something about the job
that is almost done, hope it will be interesting for someone, expacially if you like lan party
or mini atx cases. Btw my english is crap, so have fun trying to understand it
Like 3 months ago i decided to build my new rig, it has been my first build ever, so i've read
for very long time all sites and threads about CPUs, mobos, gfxs, and everything else...
(you'll find all of them on the end of the post, if you won't get asleep before you reach it.)
At the end of a big research, talking with some people on forums, i've decided all the items
i wanted to put on it, here is the list:

CPU core i7 920 D0
MOBO Asus rampage gene II
RAM corsair xms3 x3 6GB 1600
CASE Silverstone sugo SG04-H
PSU Corsair 650HX modular
COOLER Corsair H50 push/pull with 2 Delta AFB1212SH (10.92 mm/H2O)
FAN controller Scythe kaze master 3.5
HDD Intel SSD X-25M 80GB G2

+ ICD7 compound, Arctic Silver 5 and MX-3.


The problem with all these parts has been to put all together and fit all inside my Sugo, since
the case has been my first choice. I know you'll think "why the hell you've choosen a Sugo case",
that is cause i will have to travel with it from home to work often, and i really hate laptop, since i
think it's a bit difficult to mod them and they can break easily, (maybe i'm wrong about this,
but i really liked the design of the sugo and wanted so bad to build it by myself).
My previous decision was to get an Antec 902 (), but was so huge that i really couldn't
think about moving it and travelling with it.
Here comes the Sugo:


As not everyone knows, the Silverstone Sugo Case fit just some special kind of coolers for CPU,
you have only 8.2 cm (height) to work with...

I started thinking about a Scythe Shuriken low profile or a Silverstone NT-06, but after reading some
reviews i found that those were a poor choice, and instead i found many threads about H50, so, at the end, i went for it.
The Sugo itself got some airflow problem, expecially the big new panel on its front, instead of the previous
Sugo SG03, doesn't let a lot of air pass through, only from the bottom and from 4 little side air slot. This
was just a bit of the problem, since a big filter was all over the fan panel behind the front one, plus the fan
panel itself wasn't the best for a pair of 120 mm fans.
Ok, this being done, i had 3 cool Yate loons 120HS to put there with the H50 radiator.
Obviously, with the originale case you cannot put a push pull setup using 2 120mm fans, actually there's
no space for them, the problem is that the pull one (intake config) will simply touch the ATX 24 pin connector
from PSU to mobo.
Now that i could put there 2 120mm fans with the H50 radiator, it was time to think about cables arrangement.

The PSU fan has been changed, from Adda to one of the 3 Delta i had, and i decided to
Control its speed directly from my mobo, so you can see the fan 3-pin connector cable
Coming out from the PSU case, ready to be connected on rampage gene.
Itís important to say that this decision was taken since the PSU fan will be used as
The main motherboard exhaust fan, and when overclocking, itís really useful to get out
Fast the hot air pushed in by H50 setup as intake with same kind of fans.
Probably you noticed the blower upperside the case, after trying various slot blowers,
I decided Antec Tricool was the right one to use, is the only one with 3 speed,
And, since the backplate of motherboard connectors had a little hole for the
LCD asus system, that iím not gonna use (i mean the hole, not the lcd), i decided to
Mod the tricool and try to put the switch for 3 speed on that place, it looked really cool.

So this is the setup, intake air from the front, exaust air from the back by PSU and
Upperside blower.


Now the job is near to be completed, but, i must say to you weíre just half way to the end.
I started using original H50 setup.

Sincerely i didnít like this setup, not only because the hoses were arranged incorrecly
from my point of view, but also because there was too much stress on them being
constringed by that area of the case.
Iíll speak later about results and core temps iíve got with the first setup.
That being said, i decided to go for H50 modding, and here comes!
I sterted with modding tubes and try to find a better way to put them inside the case,
right after that, and after seeing some post by Willhemmens and some guides, i
decided to go for a complete modding, with a reservoir.


My system isnít gonna have an hardware update in the next years, i decided to spend
some money on it and stop there right after the final building. Thinking about this
i decided that a single ati HD5770 was more than enough for my purpose, and the intel 80 GB ssd
could always be replaced by a bigger one or anyway could be really easy to add another of them
since they take just some space. So the space to fit the RES wasnít that much, but
one of the two 3,5Ē bay for hard disk drives was actually free.....
Here comes the aquacomputer reservoir (aquatube), even if Swiftech ones are very good and also cheap,
i really liked the design of the first one so i ordered it.

The images will show you the system just started and running with all the tiny bubbles inside,
and the system completed after 24 hours. I had to shake it many, many times..... and no bubbles at
all were left. This was very important for me since the position of the RES would have been downside,
at the bottom of the case, while pump and radiator were gonna be at the top.

After 24 hours :


While reading how to drop temps right before ordering CPU, sp a while ago, i starting to read
about the lapping job, and i fallen i love.. So i thought it was for me, and even if it could be really risky,
i decided to lap my new CPU and also the base of the H50 pump, and try to see if this copper could shine
and become like a mirror, even if we all knows that is not so important, while having a perfect flat surface is.
Well guys, some good guides and tips, using forums and youtube can really help you to do all you want!


I known i was gonna have some trouble doing this.. but after solving some problem,
at the end i made it. Youíll see i used some accessories like 90į turns from aquacooling
and some other things, that was a must because, remember, the PSU will be right there
over the mobo, and i donít want hoses to touch the PSU in any way, being free to move a bit...


OK guys weíre at the end, i post images of the side Sugo panel, that has a 3.5 bay
Where i put the Scythe Kaze master fan controller, with cables shortened, that will let me
Control radiator push/pull delta fans and their temperatures (once i install sensors, at this point iím lazy)



Ok we done! Iíll post overclocking results and core temps very soon as i have time to,
Iím very lucky to have a core i7 that can easily go up to 3.8 GHZ with only 1.18 V stable
at prime95, will see if i can try something more and post images!

Hope you appreciate my Sugo ready to FFXIV! (yes... itís for that i made it...)

THANKS TO: and all my friends there (please visit our italian forum and nice reviews!) (support forum) and Pipdrums my sugo friend there! and LatinLegacy and their cool reviews about TIMs applying
My brother to lending me his camera for the photos xD

And obviously OVERCLOCK.NET! also Willhemmens and all his guides about H50
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Unread 31st March 2010, 07:05 PM
Bruce Normann's Avatar
Bruce Normann Bruce Normann is offline
Senior Contributing Editor
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 324
Nice post Batou,

It's always nice to see someone put as much thought into their system as you have. It's cool to see people using the H50 as a building block, and not just as a canned product that's the same for everyone.

Good luck, and looking forward to the results.
Men wanted for Hazardous Journey,
small wages, bitter cold,
long months of complete darkness,
constant danger, safe return journey doubtful.
Honour and recognition in case of success.

Ernest Shackleton
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Unread 1st April 2010, 09:05 PM
Olin Coles's Avatar
Olin Coles Olin Coles is offline
Executive Editor
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 2,951

This is amazing work! I'm pleased we could help be a (small) part of your project, and I'm impressed by the craftsmanship. My favorite part, though, is this:

That's shiny!
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Unread 3rd April 2010, 10:03 AM
Batou Batou is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 7
Thank you guys, i'm happy that you appreciated my work, hasn't be really easy for a newbie as me. About the shiny CPU, well it's saad to say that everytime i want to reseat the CPU i find that it scratches a bit, i think it's pretty normal that this happens, but unfortunately i found out that ICD7 compound leave some little holes on the cpu and the pump. This compound as you know better than me has inside synthetic diamond, and i'm sure they leave some little piece of it not well minced (i'm using translator dunno if it's right xD) so i'm very sad that everytime i reseat i have to lap with 1200 and 2000 grit + polish again, sure thing before or later i'll see my cores trough the copper plate ....
And also, with 3.8GHZ and 1.184 Vcore i get temps like 64-59-60-59 max temp when running prime 95 full load, so i'm going to get a MCP355 from swiftech and a 240 radiator for the front panel with a heatkiller or supreme HF block. All the work has to be done again -.- ......
Thank you again for appreciating it!
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Unread 3rd April 2010, 12:06 PM
Olin Coles's Avatar
Olin Coles Olin Coles is offline
Executive Editor
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 2,951
Going off topic for a moment, but that ICD7 is not ideal for fine polished surfaces. It's great for stock ICH surfaces and slightly rough heatsink bases, but in your case it will cause surface scarring. I would recommend something like Tuniq TX3 or similar.
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Unread 17th July 2010, 01:43 AM
Batou Batou is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 7
Since i updated my Sugo, i thought it could be nice to show you ^^
Worked 3 months more to complete the job, really has not been easy modding -.-
My temps with H50 were a bit high with overclocking , so i decided to
switch to a full custom loop, new components are :

EK Supreme HF full nickel
EK dual rad 240
Laing swiftech MCP 350 pump
Tygon tubes

Ok let's go, you know the Sugo case from silverstone is very small, so i
decided to put the res on the top, making a big hole, this because on
the bottom i needed the space for the second HD5770, that btw arrived
yesterday xD.
I had to mod a lot the front of the Sugo to fit there the big radiator
i decided to use, i modded a Phobya panel to fix the rad with the case,
and i modded a Phobya grill for the fans outside.
Fans purchased from UK, the only place where i found A.C. Ryan fans
with the color i wanted. (lol expedition cost were more than fans -.-)
I used a lot of rubber trim too!
Ok i stop stressing you and post some photo now ^^ :

Here you see the job about the radiator with the Phobya panel

Inside i decided to use a both of cool Nidec Servo AP15, heavy fans!

Fixed the Supreme HF over the CPU, isn't it sexy?^^

Here the job almost done, seems like it's not well organized, but trust me,
it's the photo that is crappy!

Last images on next reply, no more space here!
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Unread 17th July 2010, 01:48 AM
Batou Batou is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 7
Hmmm seems i can only post the link of images, maybe i'm doing something wrong ><

Anyway, here's the top modded :

And for last the job done :

Ok done, hope you like it, sorry seems i'm not able to make the images directly visible...
Ty again for last reviews i read them all xD
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Unread 17th July 2010, 09:56 AM
Olin Coles's Avatar
Olin Coles Olin Coles is offline
Executive Editor
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 2,951
That actually looks pretty bad-ass Batou! Have you ever gone to LAN party with it?
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Unread 20th July 2010, 01:24 AM
Batou Batou is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 7
No lan party so far xD . I decided next build will be a nice obsidian so that i won't become
that crazy to fit all components inside a small space, anyway the sugo is running great so far and with 2 5770 in crossfire i've got a nice 8500 points on low res about FFXIV benchmark, so i'm really happy with it. Need anyway some outside fan more because
here in italy this year the summer is very hot guys!
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