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Unread 20th January 2009, 08:54 AM
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System Speed Test v4.78 Download Link

System Speed Test v4.78
(c) Vladimir Afanasiev

SYSTEM SPEED TEST is FREEWARE, this signifies:

You are free to use, copy and distribute the SYSTEM SPEED TEST for
Noncommercial use if:

- No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.
- It is not modified in any way.

The Author hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this software,
whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The
Author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential,
indirect or similar damages due to loss of data or any other reason,
even if the Author or an agent of the Author has been advised of
the possibility of such damages. The person using the software bears
all risk as to the quality and performance of the software.

SPEEDSYS.EXE - Test program.
SPEEDSYS.TXT - This text.
RUSSIAN.TXT - Russian doc.
FILE_ID.DIZ - Short description.

Test allows you to detect following parameters:

- Type of the processor.
- Clock rate of processor.
- Clock rate of processor via Time Stamp Counter.
- Some information of processor stepping.
- Size and speed index of memory.
- Type, manufacturer, part number,some features of DIMM/RIMM memory modules.
- Display adapter, size of video memory, video memory speeds index.
- Sizes and speed of data caches.
- Mainboard model.
- BIOS vendor and BIOS date.
- RTC-BIOS Year2000 bug.
- Processor benchmarks.
- Build a graph and define seek and access time of hard disk.
- Build a graph and define an average transfer speed of hard disk.
- Relative speed of hard disk.
- Testing of extended memory on errors and malfunction.
- Build a graph and define functioning of system a caching and memories.
- Test a quality of surface CD disk.
- Build a graph and define an average read speed of CD disk.
- Build a graph and define average time access of CD drive.
- Relative speed CD drive.
- PCI/AGP device information.
- ISA PnP device detection.
- Save image of screen with testing parameters in PCX file 640*480*16.

a) Processor 386+.
b) VGA-compatible videocard.
c) 4 MB free XMS memory.
d) DOS 5.00+.

Warning! Test should not work correctly in multitasking environment
such as Windows, WindowsNT, and other. Not recommended to use test
with memory menagers like EMM386 or QEMM and programs of caching data.

For testing IDE-ATAPI CD drives is recommended to create MS-DOS system
diskette and copy on it files: mscdex.sys, oakcdrom.sys or asuscd.sys
and config.sys following contents:


Load system from this diskette for properly testing.
You may will also be loaded from Windows'98 repair disk for testing
IDE or SCSI CD drives.

SPEEDSYS [<HD[drive] or <CD[drive]>] [Tx] [SM] [SP] [PCX:file] [L]

drive - 0 or 1, 2, .., 7. Hard drive or CD drive (0 - by default).

HD[drive] - System tests and tests of hard disk.

SM - Skip test of caching system and memory.

SP - Skip PnP device detection.

CD[drive] - Test CD drive (disk).

L - Loop test of memory.

? - Help.

T1 - Quick test HDD or CD drive ( by default).
For hard drive: Not full test of linear reading, quick testing of
seek and access time.
For CD drive: Tested last 37MB surfaces to the most often
subject to malfunctions.

T2 - Full tests of hard drive or CD drive.

[PCX:filename] - To create PCX image file of screen.
Created at the time of output from the program.

SPEEDSYS /CD /T2 /PCX:C:\BUFFER\mycdrom.pcx
SPEEDSYS hd1 pcx:mycomp
SPEEDSYS hd sm t2

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