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Ok, here's what you do:

Disconnect all cables (except power) from the modem, and plug a computer directly via Ethernet cable. Go to, Then Advanced --> Connection Configuration and use the modems serial number for access. This is where you plug in the user name ([email protected]) and password. On the Connection Type use Always attempt to connect.

Then go to Advanced --> PPP location. Choose PPP is on the modem. Save changes, and let it restart.

Now go plug into the router (do not do this via WiFi). Chances are good that the configuration IP address is, but if not then it is There will be a section for assigning an IP address to this device, and you want it to be, so if you had to use to get in it will need to be changed. Make sure the WAN portion is set to DHCP/Automatic configuration. Save changes. Reconnect all of the hardware.
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