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Kind of reviving a dead thread right now, but still, I've been looking at the new 1090T/1055T for a while.

I've been looking at my G15's Performance monitor for a while when I'm in Bad Company 2, and I was shocked to see my CPU getting up to 90% use, while my GTX 260 was reported 40-60% use using EVGA Precision. I'm starting to really believe the bottleneck is in my CPU right now.

Is it worth it at this point to consider a processor upgrade over a graphics card upgrade? I'm lagging to no end in BC2 even on medium settings with no AA and no vSync. I'd end up going for a 955 or 965, but I should be able to spring for a 1055T at least, hopefully (I've already upgraded to the F10A BIOS Gigabyte requires for Thuban).
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