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Originally Posted by Olin Coles View Post
Servando: what problems? The only problems I'm aware of are the firmware upgrade issues, which are limited to updating on a SATA-3GB/s controller instead of 6GB/s. If you're not upgrading firmware, then there aren't any problems that I'm aware of.

The Vertex EX is an SLC drive from the Indilinx era. It will offer nothing for the enthusiast, because it's designed for long-term 24/7 durability more than speed.
Crucial was having long term problems with their C300 drives. Some of them ended with a super-low performance state and it seemed TRIM was working as it should.
In April they launched a new firmware with improved TRIM and Power consumption performance and instead of fixing them, it actually bricked many SSDs leaving them un-workable. They had to pull out their firmwares from the page and recently they added a new one which seems to be working OK, but they say they're still testing it, so I wouldn't trust it that fast.

I have no experience with the C300 but I don´t think the drive is as stable as it should. How is yours working? Are you still using it (long term)? There's also big chances that many users aren't experiencing any problems at all. Neither I know which FW is being shipped with the C300 sold at this moment.
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