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Nuclearus Multi Core => 13572
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 10.79/5179

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 134258

CPU => 2.40 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 1.23 pts

After overclocking, the CPU performance test was improved by about 20-30%, while only 1.212V were used.
For the original heat sink, Dual Core with a 32nm CPU has a high overclocking ability.
External viewing of 180MHZ or more requires an external VGA.
Other H55 motherboards, used previously, had an internal IGP which could not be turned on if overclocking was set at 170-175MHz or more.
The overclocking ability of the ECS H55H-1 is quite good.

Heat Test
System Wait Time - 37/41

Intel Burn Test v2.4 - 70/72
Stress Level Maximum

When overclocking at 3790MHz with the original heat sink at full speed, it reached a temperature of around 72 degrees.
Standby and full speed temperatures are around 5-10 degrees higher than if overclocking was not used.
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