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HDD Test
With Intelís value SSD, X25-V 40GB

The texture of the back casing would be much better if it were polished.

HD Tune Pro 4.01 Benchmark
Average 195.2 MB/s, Access Time 0.1ms
CrystalDiskMark read at 190.3 Mb/s, write at 43.47 MB/s
When the ATTO DISK Benchmark is tested at 128k and above, a highest read of 196 MB/s and write of 43 MB/s can be achieved.

EVEREST Read Test Suite Randon Read 281.3 MB/s
FDEBENCH Test achieved read at 187.2 Mb/s, write at 42.8 MB/s

X25-V official specs are 170/35 MB/s; During the tests of the H55 chipset, most reached a standard of 190/40 MB/s or above.
The greatest advantage of the Value model X25-V SSD is that the RAID 0 performance seems to have doubled,
while the price remains about the same as buying a single X25-M 80GB.

Overclock Efficiency Test
CPU 180.5 X 21 => 3790.4MHz
DDR3 1444 CL7 7-7-21 1T
IGP 533MHz

Hyper 2 X PI 32M=> 11m 11.456s
CPUMARK 99=> 585
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