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The Overclocked Performance of the mini-ITX H55 MB form ECS H55H-I

As a result of power-efficient, internet-capable motherboards, such as Atom and ION, coming onto the scene over the last one or two years,
the computer market has changed so that internet PCs that save energy and conserve power are now quite common.
Prices are also lower than the average PC, and are approaching those of notebooks.
Numerous brands are releasing ITX motherboard products this year, which is driving the evolution of this technology.
In the past, consumers who wished to purchase an ITX motherboard almost always needed to buy a brand-name PC with ITX specs.

In addition, ITX motherboards are comparatively smaller.
Most of the products are similar to notebooks in that there are no changeable settings in the BIOS.
It seems that many motherboard manufacturers became more interested in the ITX market after DFI introduced the ITX P55.
After I published the article on the ITX P55, certain consumers are more interested in the internal IGP H55 series.

The main player this time is the mini-ITX H55 chipset product, the H55H-I released by ECS.
It seems to me that I have bought several ECS products before, but that was many years ago during the K7 motherboard era.
My friends and I bought and used their products because they were cheaper than other brands.
Later it seemed ECS left Taiwan for a period of time,
but you could still find news online that said that ECS was one of the top three motherboard manufacturers based on their product shipments.
In the past year, ECS has wanted to re-enter the Taiwanese market.
It is my hope that they will bring cheap but good-quality products to the market.

First we looked at the product packaging.
Since it is a product with mini-ITX specs, the packaging is more compact.
It is blue and black in color and the design and feel of the package are not bad.

Enclosed Accessories
Product manual, quick installation guide, motherboard driver disc, IO partition plate and cables.

The major part of the product uses solid state capacitors while other parts use electrolytic capacitors.

Green PCB is not commonly seen in the consumer market.
If it was changed to black PCB, I believe it would have a better feel.

1 X PCI-E X16, allows VGA installation to enhance 3D performance.
Realtek ALC892 audio chip, which supports 8 channels and High Definition Audio technology
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