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Issue with 12gb RAM (6x2gb) recognition on the ASUS P6x58D Premium.

Thanks for the informative review on this motherboard, I bought one and paired it with a 980x, Win 7 Pro x64 and it is performing very well except it is only able to recognize 8 the 12gb of the installed RAM (6x2gb OCZ Gold OCZ3G1600LV6GK).

I've read many posts from others with similar ram problems on this motherboard, also many who say that their installed 12 gb is entirely recognized. I have yet to find the precise BIOS settings to make this happen. I've read that 12gb configured as 3 x 4gb will show up no problem but that is about $200 more than the 6 x 2gb and not a good option since I already purchased 6 x 2gb. I've tried many suggestions including those from OCZ and ASUS site forums, I've tried lowering the memory speed to 1333 and 1066, changing Dram voltages, etc. and still only 8 gb is recognized. CPUID see all 12gb.

I would be most grateful for a solution as I use the computer in a music studio with multiple instances of sample playback software where large ram capacity is a necessity.

Any ideas? While not a noob, I am also not an 'extreme computing' guy either so please respond with specific BIOS settings or whatever specific remedy that might be effective. Thank you in advance!
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