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G.Skill ECO 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit F310666CL7D Review

G.Skill ECO 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit F310666CL7D
In the industry of technology, brands offering similar products without innovating will not be easily adopted by the enthusiast market. If we talk about memory, then the mayor factors are frequency, latency and of course... price. Intel specifications for Core i3/i5/i7 products recommend using a maximum DRAM voltage of 1.65v. While most brands try to fit on Intelīs limits on the high side, G.Skill is trying something different. The G.Skill ECO F3 10666CL7D 4GB Dual Channel Kit is intended to run at 1333MHz with barely 1.35 volts benefiting both high-end enthusiasts who want better Overclocks and lower temps, or simply those who want to build an HTPC an every shaved watt can be the difference. Benchmark Reviews will test the G.Skill ECO kit to check if this kind of memory is able to do that difference (considering that frequency and latency are not a major factor on Intel chipsets anymore).
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