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Originally Posted by Hank Tolman View Post
Be careful when trying to use the Hybrid CrossfireX function with the onboard Radeon HD 4200 card. For the 4200, you can only pair it with a Radeon 2400 series card or a Radeon 3400 series card. And that's as high as you can go. For about $60, you can get a 4650, which is better than anything Hybrid Crossfire will provide for you.
I didn't know it was so limited. I had seen the feature listed and a brief description, but hadn't looked into the details. I thought it was something like SLI.

After seeing your comment, I looked for more info on ASRock's website and found that this Hybrid CrossfireX is pretty much worthless. (I'm not going to put it as politely as you did.)

Thank you for correcting me.

I still like my mobo and would recommend it to people who want a mobo with a 785G chipset. It does support the X3 445, and they have also added support for the X6 CPUs if those are of interest to people in the market for this mobo. (I have a feeling that anyone who needs a 6-core CPU will also want to pair it with a higher-end mobo. This mobo and the X3 CPUs are more in the "most bang-for-the-buck" category and not the extreme performance one.)

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