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I agree with Olin 100,000% on the Bad Company 2 statement. Even with a 5600DPI mouse on a Rocketfish 13-or-so-inch mousepad, I have to recenter the mouse to turn more than 90 degrees. Although I did seem to remember that moving the mouse slowly works a lot better (instead of sweeping the mouse, crank the DPI up and move it half-speed and the turret will move more realistically without having to recenter the mouse).

Which reminds me, I should play BC2 again sometime... I haven't even finished campaign.

Also, Olle, not everyone uses the full DPI on their mice 100% of the time. For the Naga I have, I keep it at 2,000DPI 95% of the time, and only crank it up in the situation mentioned above. The extra space is just to be sure I don't have to recenter the mouse when I'm turning to shoot someone.
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