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Super Potency of Intel Corei7-980X 32nm 6Cores match EVGA X58 4WAY

In the remembrance, the Core 2 Duo double-core processor was just announced by Intel at the Grand-Hotel in July 2006.
After around a half-year later, Intel started Quad-Core era, which was following Core 2 Due structure to make Core 2 Quad CPU.

After that, Intel launched Core i7 to enhance its performance with L3, HT and triple- channel functions in November 2008,
even if Core i7 was based on Quad-core and simulated with Octa-core (eight-core) in use,
but the market was still look forward to hearing from real Hexa-Core (six-core) CPU.

After all, the real Hexa-Core CPU was released by Intel in March 16, 2010,
meaning the generation was completed replaced by the era of Hexa-Core CPU.

The first Hexa-Core CPU was named Core i7-980X Extreme Edition and the specs. is not only have Hyper-Threading,
supports Turbo Boost, but supports un-locked frequency.
The best frequency can reach to 3.6GHz. Moreover, the Entity of the Hexa-Core comes with Hyper-Threading technology,
it can be up to 12-threading, abbreviated as 6C/12T, 32 nm processing, with 12MB of L3 cache.
Above all, the Hexa-Core CPU shows the best standards at present.

Hereinafter referred to as 980X EE, 980X EE belongs to LGA 1366-pin family,
which supports X58 chipsets, and there’s no difference from the Non-Hexa-Core i7 on the surface.

Difference with past Core i7 edition from the back of Core i7-980X EE

Enclosed inside Cooler is the different from the past edition.

There are 4 copper pipes in the bottom in addition to enhance spreading the heat.

As regards Mother Board segment, EVGA is very popular in USA and Europe portion recently,
X58 4 Classified - Way SLI is the highest version in their product line, EVGA should put out edition of USB3/SATA3 in the future.
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